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Four 32 inch sized LCD display screens on base unit oggul432

The oggul 432 is a great tool to display products and services either in your shop window or internally.

With four reasonably good sized LCD screens (32") you can be sure that customers get a good and clear understanding of your offering.
With the integrated oggul information management application you are free to cycle or loop many pictures or video while you have full control over the cycle time.

Oggul displays can run many formats including JPEG, MPEG, Flash, Powerpoint and web links, etc.

Just imagine how much product information you can display from such a limited area of space!
The displays are height adjustable and can also be angled left / right.

Our oggul range can come with many configurations, so if you are more interested in 4 screens of a different size (from 15" up to 50"), just let us know.

You can also maximise your branding or message by having your logo illuminated on the base unit.

While it has been proven that moving imagery is much more effective at being noticed than static imagery and that statistically 70% of buying decisions are made instore, oggul displays are an effective tool to enable businesses to drive more sales.

Call us on 0208 764 8000 or email us at sales@oggul.com to order this stylish and effective product.

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To discuss your needs, call us now on 0208 764 8000 or email us at sales@oggul.com.


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